Krav Maga Armenia has unique and highest level of experience and knowledge in educating and training, fighters, operators, officers and especially instructors for the Governmental sectors, particularly the military one. We have 4 different options for the professionals, looking to improve their skills:


1. Military Krav Maga: a military self-defense and fighting system developed for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The soldiers are trained to react properly under physical and psychological pressure and taught to act tactically in hostile scenarios under conditions of disadvantage, disorientation, and distraction to ensure they’re prepared for all combat scenarios.


2. Law Enforcement: Krav Maga for law enforcement teaches how to gain, regain, and maintain control of common combative situations. We focus on compliant, resistant, high-risk, and life-threatening scenarios. The classes are designed for law enforcement and police units.


3. Third Party Protection: defending a 3rd party (VIP) against all kinds of armed or unarmed attacks and threats; dealing with one or more attackers; moving, evacuating and taking care of the other person; functioning under different conditions in different environments and locations, with or without different kind of tools and weapons.


4. Air Marshals Class: is intended for those responsible for the safety of flights on board. Given the specific environment of the aircraft, we teach how to act in extremely dangerous situations, like hostage situation, how to disarm an attacker, or provide first aid.


The Classes are hold by Sargis Bazinyan, President and Head instructor of Krav Maga Armenia, Military & Law Enforcement Krav Maga Instructor Expert 2 Level, provided by KMG(Krav Maga Global) and IKMF(International Krav Maga Fedration).